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The "Cajun Special" Version of The "Flight Ready" Model

The "Cajun Special" is a version of the "Flight Ready" model of Rittenberry Steel Guitars. Gary built this pedal steel guitar for cajun pedal steel guitarist, Danny Cormier of Lake Charles, Louisiana. A standard Emmons set up with the fourth pedal pulling strings 4-5-6-8 and 10 a half tone. It is the 4th pedal pulling 5 strings that designates this guitar as The "Cajun Special". A Franklin pedal can be substituted in place of this pedal upon request. With four pedals and five knee levers The Rittenberry "Flight Ready" S 10 weighs in at 48 pounds in the case.

The Rittenberry "Flight Ready" S 10 (single with a half body step down with pad).

The Rittenberry S 10 is "Flight Ready". This guitar was designed keeping the new baggage limits in mind for the Pro players and also, the player that just wants a lighter guitar without sacrificing the tone and structural integrity that Rittenberry Steel Guitars are known for.

The Rittenberry "Flight Ready" S 10, due to many years of research and testing by its designer & builder: Gary Rittenberry, has nearly zero cabinet drop.

The Rittenberry "Flight Ready" S 10 is also available in the standard 3 pedals and 5 knee lever configuration that weighs approximately 45 pounds in the case. Call or email Gary with any questions concerning all the options available on this remarkable instrument.