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  • Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 18:09:34 -0700

    Hi Murnel,

    I just purchased your fine cd. I must tell you that I purchased my first Rittenberry, the teal green SD-10 hammertone off of Bobbee's website based on the photo. I had no idea what a wonderful instrument it would turn out to be. This is the one that turned Jody Cameron's head when he came to Oregon to spend some time with a friend and myself to develop our skills. Since then, I had Gary build me the current SD-10 black mica guitar that I have on his website. You guys are wonderful fantastic players! I wish we could meet sometime. I'm going to enjoy your cd and hopefully take some ideas from your great playing abilities.

    Take care!
    Dennis Lee

    Reply Message from Murnel Babineaux‏

  • Thanks, Dennis....
    I'ts been an excellent instrument, to me....I would highly recommend them to anyone, at any level of playing skill...
    I'll try to get your CD out as soon as possible...
    Thanks again,

    Murnel L. Babineaux

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